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Ajax custom website - element loading into entire page instead of fancybox

The theme is using ajax and has a custom.js file that handles page loading - so that the supersized.js slideshow and menu remains and only

Ajax filter by category

Hi I am looking for a plugin or a woocomerce code snippet that would filter my subcategories of a category on the woocommerce shop page.

AJAX on dropdown change PHP

I try to use Ajax (my first time) and i don’t know what i am doing bad. I have two files: home.html and ajax.php On

The WordPress Ajax request returns 0

I can’t figure out why nothing is returned I am a real beginner in Ajax .. I just read a lot of topics about using

WordPress AJAX with raw javascript? NO Jquery

Alright, so I have a related-posts.php script I wrote and I wish to insert it into posts only upon certain user action (scrolling). I also

ajaxUrl is not defined

Whem I’m push green button on after submission form I get message “ajaxUrl is not defined” instead of image that should pop up and

AJAX Page Loading on WordPress

I’m trying to install the “Advanced AJAX Page Loader” plugin on my WordPress site. The theme installation says to “make sure your theme has the

Changed POST to GET. Now Ajax is returning multiple posts

When I used POST instead of GET for the call, it was taking a really long time for the wait. So, since I wasn’t actually

Getting slow Ajax waiting time (TTFB)

The waiting time for Ajax is extremely long compared to the download time. To give you an example, it would be something like 1.5 seconds

create a ajax handled save action for theme options (sections)

I want to do a Theme Options page that will have sections Those sections should be to save one by one, and also all together.

WordPress ajax request returns 0 in my infinite scroll script

I’d like to implement a very customized infinite scroll. But that comes later, cause i’m already stuck at the ajax request. What’s wrong with my

Ajax pagination without refreshing url wordpress

As the default option of wordpress pagination, the url will be …./page/2 But I have a slelect in the page, so I don’t want to

Why is my admin-ajax so slow compared to other sites that also use it?

Here is my site. If you hover over one of the projects and click the plus icon, the Ajax call goes out and the response

AJAX with WordPress update_post_meta always giving 0 with response

Im trying to do update_post_meta funtion using ajax and trying to pass value to database when the toggle is changed. But when ajax is ran

How to disable link after first click and allow user to vote only if logged in

i am working on a plugin in wordpress to vote up a post or vote down using ajax. Everything is working fine but the problem

Multiple issues with pushstate: history, loading, calling functions

I have a script that is currently pulling data via ajax/pushstate; it works relatively well, but there are certainly some issues I’m running into. First

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