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MySql database is not updating

My WordPress MySql database is not been updated once I click the update button. It’s not been updated in the database. I’m using Ajax, php

Unable to access parameters in PHP, Posted values from jQuery with Serialize

I am sending data from jquery via AJAX Post with all the form fields serialized (In WordPress). $('#SendEmail').click(function () { the_ajax_script.ajaxurl, { 'action': 'the_ajax_hook_SendEmailWithCalculatorContent',

AJAX response 0 while sending API request using SOAP - php

jQuery: jQuery.ajax ({ url: ajaxurl, type: 'POST', data: { action: 'shipping_data', }, processData: false, success: function(data) { alert(data); }, error: function(data) { alert("failed."); } });

excluding posts from loop wordpress

I’m trying to exclude posts from a wordpress loop that have already been loaded on the page by grabbing the data-value of a div which

How to send wordpress category as data to ajax?

I want to send current category of the page to ajax. I am using WordPress for my blog website. I want to send current page

Embedding gallery on site

I’ve created a site using Muse that has multiple galleries on the ‘gallery page’ (example shown below). As you can see there is a section

Need to get Value ($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]) in my AJAX-FUNCTIONS.PHP

Okay I am utilising the plugin WordPress Store Locator & as per my customised requirement this plugin works great; only bottleneck I’m receiving is that

When change shortcode,reload it by using Ajax

i’ve got custom shortcode in my custom shortcodes.php file: function component_id_1( $atts, $content = null ) { extract( shortcode_atts( array( 'component_first_style' => '1', ), $atts

How to change pending status?

I am trying to modify a plugin for wordpress.When the user books a service the appointment goes to the admin in the backend for the

Catching Ajax Errors on WordPress Theme Customizer

I am developing a WordPress theme and added my a couple of new settings to the theme customizer panel. I don’t have any custom JS

Undefined index in WordPress plugin when call AJAX

I create plugin for WordPress and I try to learn Ajax in plugin when I call my function wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=my_action have error Notice: Undefined index: whatever

Php update button not been called

I am working on a wordpress plugin, it uses php, mySql db, ajax mostly and jQuery. I’m using this perform updates to the database. When

Getting 404 or blank post array when attempting ajax access on valid wordpress site pages

I’m attempting what I think is a simple task. I have a javascript file that upon keypress, it executes a javascript function that collects some

Login with ajax shadow

So I’m building this website with a wordpress base. I use a Login-with-Ajax plugin to create the login pop-out. The problem came when I added

how to remove product from cart in woo-commerce without page refresh

how to remove product from cart in woo-commerce without page refresh. now this time the product is deleted properly but page is reload every time

Woocommerce remove link with ajax

I’m trying to remove item from cart without page refresh, see code below: <?php echo apply_filters( 'woocommerce_cart_item_remove_link', sprintf( '<a href="%s" class="remove" title="%s">Remove</a>', esc_url( WC()->cart->get_remove_url( $cart_item_key

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