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How to return the list object as a json format from spring controller of ajax get() method call

Please forgive me if my question is already matched with already any existing question.But I walked through so many threads of stackoverflow related solutions but

Ajax call to a php variable

Background: I have one of those scrolling images thing on a website I’m developing. The scroller takes in a variable to update the style of

send cUrl requests in function with functions parameters by ajax

i want send cUrl requests in function with function parameters by Ajax. this is my cUrl requests: function cUrlConnection ($url, $username, $password, $ch) { $pass

Why the Ajax Rating Control is not working?

I have added a ajax rating control in page whose scripting code looks like this .Star { background-image: url(Images/Star.gif); height: 17px; width: 17px; } .WaitingStar

drupal ctools multi step node form

so i’ve built a ctools modal form with multi step like this, and i’ve built a ctools modal node form like this. cool! but now

Post Form data into multiple urls on one button click

Is it possible to Post form data into two different Urls like I want to post form data into two different action (urls) . How

Sending a JSON POST request via AJAX

I’m using POST to submit data to the server, this error appears in the console: POST localhost/myProject/webapp/setAccount 400 (Required String parameter ‘accountID’ is not present)

Ajax object with PHP variables

Is there any possible format to add write this… PHP: wp_localize_script( ‘script’, ‘script_object_’ . $ID, array( ‘name’ => whatever ) ); …. echo ” JS:

Interpret PDO errors with jQuery after an AJAX query

I’m writing a little install script for my current project. The first “step” of this script asks the user for his MySQL credentials and tests

Cherrypy in python receives empty keywords list when AJAX sends request to root

I have the following AJAX function that I call to send post request to a web server run in Python, using Cherrypy, which runs behind

JQuery Success/Failure Callback is not called

I am new at jQuery. What i need to achieve in jQuery is call a web service which is written in Python and show appropriate

Cross domain problems with my rest API

I have a MVC rest Web API, that have a method that looks like this: public HttpResponseMessage PostBook(DtoBooks Book) { if (Book == null) {

WPML admin-ajax.php call not localized after setting lang

Calls to __() in an AJAX function are not translated even after I set the lang parameter in the AJAX URL. It appears that Sitepress

AJAX commenting in WordPress

I’m trying to get AJAX commenting working in WordPress. So far I have written a PHP handler and a script. My script (modified from here):

How to submit form using ajax inside wordpress plugin

I am creating small plugin where i want to submit form data using ajax but it giving response zero. Here is my call i have

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