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Get 1st child of category only

At the moment, I’m using get_term_children() to get the children of a category. The problem I’m faced with now is that I only want the

How do I set a specific template for sub-categories?

There’s a few posts about getting sub-categories to use the same template as their parent but I want to do something slightly different. I have

Paginations in Category Page Leads to Sample Pages

I’m having trouble with my WPMU site that I hope you guys can help me with. Anyway, here’s the situation. For example, I’m on my

Custom Post type archives / categories give 404

I have a client that wants a blog, a press section, and a “More Posts” section for feel good, community service type of posts. I

Why is my sub-category template showing the wrong posts

I’ve got a problem with a custom category template. Used on sub-categories for a particular parent. For some odd reason it’s not showing posts store

Category metabox with floating categories

I was wondering if is possible to have floating categories in categories metabox. If you have many categories is very complicated find a categories with

Query posts by date - category and custom field

I have this scenario: Categories: 23Feb2015 24Feb2015 25Feb2015 26Feb2015……30Jan2099 Every day i add 5-6 posts in to a different category (today posts are in category

Assign category a default post type

This one has been bothering me for a few days now, so I’d really appreciate any help you can give me. Problem overview: I have

WordPress sub sub category

in wordpress (woocommerce) i need to find a way to do one of two: in child cat page list part of the products under title

Show products in category "Shoes" if they also have category "Men"

I want to show products in a category if they are also in another category. I never build a clothing webshop and now the time

Allow a user to ‘subscribe’ to different post categories?

Is there a way for me to have a tickbox on a category archive page that when ticked shows that category’s posts on a separate

How the posts and categories connected each other in wp 4.1.1?

There are no post_category field in table wp_posts in my wp4.1.1 . How the posts and categories connected each other in wp 4.1.1? mysql> show

how to chang preview of list of articles of one category?

I have downloaded wp tempalte demo where I have articles dive into different categories. Each category has its own button in main menu. When I

show posts found in multiple categories via category_name query string?

I am attempting to allow visitors to filter posts in an archive to show posts that are found in two categories. The code is building

Category to populate dynamically

Desperately need help for a snippet. I have already included the list of posts as a dropdown list. I just want a way to get

Category dropdown appears on the selection of post from the post dropdown

I am creating a form in which I want to make two drop downs. posts categories If the post is selected from the dropdown the

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