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Customizing a plugin function using a hook

I’ve written a hook in my functions file that adds a metabox, from an installed plugin, to a custom post type that I’ve created. The

Combining Multiple Taxonomies in one URL

I’m creating a complex site with a product catalog with two custom taxonomies. They are Brands and Types. Brands - Canon - Toshiba - HP

Change page /2 to /transcript with a Rewrite

I set up this rule (in functions.php) function custom_rewrite_basic() { add_rewrite_rule( 'episode/([^/]+)/transcript', 'index.php?post_type=episodes&episodes=$matches[1]&page=2', 'top'); } add_action('init', 'custom_rewrite_basic'); expecting it to redirect over to

How to run filter only on custom post type edit screen

I am trying to force minimum width and height requirements on featured image upload on a particular post type only. My minimum width/height code is

How to make post page unique and show it on home page?

I don’t know if the title is correct but I’ll try to explain my question below. I have created a custom post type “Projects” and

Custom post type meta not showing `add_meta_box`

not sure what’ve I’ve done wrong, probably something really silly like I’ve missed an attribute or something. Here’s what I’ve built unction post_support(){ add_theme_support('post-formats',array('aside','Image Slider'));

Trying to modify custom search function in plugin to search postmeta table for keyword as well as posts table

I am trying to modify a plugin that searches the posts table and have it also search the meta_value in the postmeta table. original code

wordpress get_terms orderby custom field

I have custom taxonomy by pods and field for this category. I need to order by this field, like this $args=array( 'meta_key' => 'order', 'orderby'

Gravity form not posting actual post author

I have currently have my gravity form setup to post all information to the custom post type within my database. All of this works correctly

Custom Post Type Audio Content

I want to make a custom post type of songs. Is there any way that i can provide an upload button to the admin to

How to import files to individual posts of a custom type

I’m very inexperienced in WP, so I may have some fundamental misunderstandings - definitely open to alternative approaches if this one is crazy! I have

current_menu_parent for custom post type and custom url

I have defined a custom URL that loads a custom template, as a customized “archive” por a custom post type. I can’t use the native

Add custom posts to search (separately to categories) in WordPress

I have a search results page under construction, and it splits the posts out in to categories (products, recipes, articles), in 3 separate sections down

Changing custom post_type when publishing

I would like to change the post_type from “prototyp” to “gutschein” when publishing a “prototyp” (clicking publish button of a “prototyp”). Is there a way

Custom Taxonomy in WP_Query not returning any results

This is how I’m doing myWP_Query, it gets the query_var because I’m using it with my custom post_types as well. The thing is it’s not

Best way to add Multiple Authors to ebooks in WooCommerce

I’m trying to build an eCommerce based on WooCommerce where I’d like to sell ebooks. Since every ebook will be written by multiple authors with

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