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Custom Post Status & Taxonomies

I have successfully registered my custom post types, custom post statuses and my custom taxonomies/terms. All is working fine but… It seems that both the

Algorithm for a membership plugin

I want a to build a membership plugin.But i don’t think a plugin like that is available if so please tell me else please guide

Loop a Custom Post Pagination

I am having a little trouble trying to get my custom post type pagination to loop. The idea to my pagination is to only display

Search for words in post_type

I have a page-doctors.php with the list of doctors, these doctors are registered as post_types, the code that taking all post_type doctors is: $paged =

Post type tree loop

I need to get the pages of a custom post type exactly as they are in the admin panel. Example: Page1 -subpage1 -subpage2 Page2 Page3

Page Template as Custom Post Type Archive

My goal is to have the slug used by a Page Template rather than an Archive Page, and have single CPT posts as children

‘orderby’ multiple meta keys/values on pre_get_post

Scenario: i have an archive-job.php template and a pre_get_post function: function cbk_job_archive_override($query) { if ( is_post_type_archive( 'job' ) && $query->is_main_query() ) { $query->set('orderby', 'menu_order'); $query->set('order',

I’m using WordPress and i need to attach 1 or more authors created via post-type

I’m using WordPress and i need to attach 1 or more authors created via post-type. For example I created 3 authors via post type named

Custom Post Type with Custom Taxonomy as Category

I have created a custom post type portfolio with custom taxonomy Portfolio Category. I can create portfolio items and assign portfolio categories to them and

WordPress post type categories not displaying similarly

When adding categories to my custom post type, some entries’ categories don’t display the same. E.g. I have two entries with the categories Blue, Red;

How to add upload image on custom post type wordpress

I have created a custom type post on wordpress, when i have added file upload I couldn’t save and get the image, so if there

Limit WordPress search query to taxonomy name only

By default, after WP default search form is submitted, the search results which have the user search query in post title or post content, etc….

Editable Meta Data for Custom Post Type Archive Template

My question is one of theming best practices. I constantly running into an issue were I have to display editable content on a custom post

Custom Post Type parent slug as menu item

I created a Custom Post Type with the slug “Sell”. I want to add this to my menu set up in Appearence. But it seems

Custom Post Type content is not displaying

I have add a custom post type and after I created a new article within the custom post type and try to preview it, I

Use Tags to Query Associated Multiple Posts and Get The Average Of Custom Field Values

I have created a custom post type named “Rating” that I’m using to add customer rating sections to my website. Each rating post has the

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