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custom post types not appearing in Search multiple post types

I have a Search page where users can select to search for multiple post types: posts, pages, docs, newsletter. What is driving me nuts is

Using woocommerce filter plugin outside shop page

I am using woocommerce and everything is working fine. The only problem i have is that i don’t want to use the woocommerce shop page

Add filter to Orderby Parameter using Array

Using WP-Query, I’m setting the Orderby parameter using an array: $events_args = array( 'post_status' => 'publish', 'post_type' => 'events', 'meta_key' => 'start_time', 'meta_type' => 'DATETIME',

Can anyone please help me negate this query :)

Good day, I am trying to negate my query to show all instead except for a post with a custom field of file gallery. 'meta_query'

How to query if meta_key does exist or not?

Good day, I am trying to negate my query to show all instead except for a post with a custom field of file gallery. 'meta_query'

Always use <figure> for post images

The default behavior when it comes to full-width images in posts is this: If you insert an image alone, this HTML structure is produced: <img/

posts_clauses : Filtering Posts by multiple meta posts issue

Im trying to write function to filter posts by country and language, but as I see here posts are not filtered and I cant detect

apply_filters(‘the_content’, $content) vs do_shortcode($content)

Lets say I have a theme option or custom postmeta text area. Now I want to execute multiple shortcodes, general texts, images etc. What will

Widget is breaking on filter function

I have created a widget which displays posts based on Display Posts shortcode. All works fine till I have added filter to public function widget()

<p> tag removed not using a filter

Very strange WordPress behavior: tags are removed when placed inside tags, but not always. for example, this works fine: <pre><p>This is a paragraph</p></pre> But when

Removing a line from a WP core function (comment_template.php) - filter or other technique?

The effect I want to achieve - at least at this point - is simply to have the comment reply link continue to appear below

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Is there any filter to trigger as soon as media is uploaded to post or page?

I am new to WordPress. I want to change attributes of image when uploaded to page or posts. Is there any filter for it? Thanks

GravityForms gform_tabindex_X filter not working

I am attempting to use this code snippet in my theme’s functions.php file to assign a new starting tab index to form 5 as mentioned

getting value from gravity form entries

i have a Gravity Form and want to get the values from various fields, do a calculation and put that value into a total field

Custom nav walker: How to acces the $args parameter?

I am creating a custom nav walker. I noticed that the nav walker class from the WordPress core is written rather rough – much of

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