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Category with the same slug

i’d like to do this: Why can’t i do that? I know.. the slug/child-category “pro” is the same but it is in

default publish permalinks not redirecting to postname url

i have a wordpress site where the scheduled default permalink urls redirect properly to postname url when logged in as admin. But they dont

WooCommerce Permalink Settings

I created theme ( and I use WooCommerce plugin, but I cant use different permalinks settings, because shop page will not work. All other pages,

Changing WP location and wp-content folder name witouth loosing SEO

I’m trying to make my site the most efficient way as possible, and I find out thant changing lot of things in permalinks , security

Custom Rewrite Rule with Sub Folders

I need to create a custom rewrite rule for a WordPress plugin. I have read this topic and came up with a working solution using

bitly links do not work with custom permalink wordpress structure

i have a wordpress site where i have installed Bitly Official WordPress Plug-in. The bitly links generated do not work. they show as (domain name)/%postname%/

Customized author slugs not working with get_author_posts_url method

I really appreciated the solution for the author rewrite rules here: Change Author Base Slug for different Roles The solution worked for me, however, when

add_rewrite_rule not working for me

I have the following rewrite tags defined: // ADD REWRITE TAG FOR 'VEHICLE MAKES' add_rewrite_tag('%make%','([^&]+)'); // ADD REWRITE TAG FOR 'BODY STYLES' add_rewrite_tag('%body-style%','([^&]+)'); // ADD

Forward an old url rewrite scheme to a new one?

I have the following url rewrite for custom post type: add_rewrite_rule( 'event/([0-9]+)', 'index.php?post_type=event&p=$matches[1]', 'top' ); Due to a site structure change, I’ll be moving this

Making Headlines clickable Permalinks (like GitHub)?

My WordPress site has fairly long entries and includes many data visualisations. I want to make it easier for visitors to refer to a specific

How to tranform Headlines into linkable permalinks?

My WordPress site has fairly long entries and includes many data visualisations. I want to make it easier for visitors to refer to a specific

Turn a permalink to a hash/anchor link with .htaccess or add_rewrite_rule

I’ve been developing a single-page scrolling site that makes use of browserstate’s history.js library, so that when you scroll down to a particular section of

Custom post type using standard post categories results in 404 when viewing /cpt/category

The CPT has been registered fine, with the name ‘qna’ and slug ‘advice’. Viewing correctly displays the archive-qna.php template. Viewing also works correctly

Why is wordpress permalink path wrong for single blog posts?

I’m developing my site with MAMP and my homepage is at localhost:8888/wordpress When I click on the link to my blog page (home.php) the url

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