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Stop redirecting to posts not in a category / duplicate slugs

I have multiple posts with the same title, e.g. /states/new-york /cities/new-york /counties/new-york but WordPress doesn’t allow duplicate slugs, so they appear like: /states/new-york /cities/new-york-2 /counties/new-york-3

How do I fix permalink and media library issues on a LEMP stack?

So, I’m setting up a wordpress site on Digital Ocean’s IaaS. I’m using nginx as a proxy and web server (instead of apache), so a

Rewriting permalinks in specific way for two pages

I wish to rewrite permalink in th efollowing way (just for two specific Pages): 1) there are two pages: & 2) I wish

Page base for pagination permalink

Even I have set custom permalinks (related to post name) and category and tag base, I still get pagination URL’s like . How to

Add variables to all permalinks in site

I need to add variables to all links in my site based on a condition. So all permalink in a page that met my condition

Removing rel="nofollow" from links posted in Post Content

I am running wordpress for my blog EasyPadhai. I am writing a posts and I have included links to my Android app EasyPadhai for my

Links not working on the website

I am trying to get back my hacked website, but links except the homepage are not working. Please guide me how can I fix

Using two permalinks for one post

Using two permalinks for one post I am developing a wordpress website for a client, the client want to show 2 separate templaes for post

Only the latest post shows up on post page?

disclaimer: this is my first foray into wordpress I’m creating a custom theme and in the single.php file, i have the main loop, however if

xammp server permalink by postname not working

I am able to access main page on localhost but not able to access page that I have added it display 404 error. my question

WordPress Custom Rewrite Rule domain change

Give me custom rule… domain/healthcare/file.html to domain2/healthcare/file.html Read more here: WordPress Custom Rewrite Rule domain change

WordPress Archives Cause Looping

I am attempting to create an archives page that would have links to authors, categories, tags, etc. I would like it so that when the

Short website link for all post

I have web site and we need to short link of any post from to How can i do that Read more here:

Does a parent page’s post_title have to appear in a child page permalink?

If I have a page called Home and then a child page with Home as the parent, is there a way to avoid ‘home’ appearing

Wholly Custom Permalinks

I want my URLs to look like this: (a, b and c are categories. slug is the article name) I only

Change Image depending on page path

In my header.php I have the typical header code - this is for woocommerce but the coding has nothing to do with it: <h1 class="page_title"><?php

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