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Want to develop photo gallery and want to give access to different user

I want to develop functionality which has following. Create different album from admin login. Give different album access to different user. User can manage their

Is wordpress plugin development active?

I’ve started working with wordpress and reading about plugins. Most of my searches and found plugins are from around 2008. Is there still active development

Save Checkbox value in Plugin

I cannot seem to save the value of a checkbox in a plugin I am creating. When I uncheck it and click Save Settings, it

Creating a new elegant builder module?

Hi I am using elegant builder on my site and would love the ability create a new module, I basically want a text module with

wp_editor : load different contents dynamically

I am using the wp_editor in a plugin that I am developing. The plugin is a mix of php and jquery. I want to display

Vagrant script to setup all the common PHP / WordPress version combinations

I am looking for a way to quickly and repeatedly set up testing / debugging environment for our plugin, most probably using Vagrant. Projects like

List Available Templates for Current Theme in a Plugin

I am new to WordPress as of last week and am having trouble understanding some things. I have created a plugin that allows for the

Best way for plugin to accept POSTs?

The problem: I’m developing a plugin which needs to accept POST data (webhooks from an external source). I do not have control over the format

Detect each active instance of a widget

Is it possible to detect each active instance of a particular widget? As part of a plugin I’m working on, I want to run a

Plugin Development Form Self Submission

I am a new to WordPress and I am trying to develop a plugin. All the plugin needs to do is provide an html form

wp_mail_from: different from address each time

I have a form. Where user gives their name and email address. The I use the custom plugin to send the mail. The requirement is

Is there a way to list all actions registered by a plugin or theme?

I’d like to override a function registered using do_action() by a third party theme or plugin. remove_action() looks to be the way to do this

Act on user meta updated, but only once

My plugin is calling a third party over http whenever a users meta data is updated. To do this I am using the updated_user_meta hook.

wordpress developement links [on hold]

I am quite new in word press development and my background is from .net, I want to know, what kind of websites I can develop

WordPress plugin: efficient way to store large data

I have excel file with 1000+ records. Basically it has zipcode and corresponding email addresses. I need to create a custom wordpress plugin which queries

WordPress Direct Access Function

i am writing WordPress plugin with that plugin SMS controller file is placed for twilio unfortunately i can’t use WordPress functions with direct access and

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