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Shortcode function is creating  ’s in inspector in-between each word

Trying to use [title]Lorem Ipsum[/title] in my post. This is my code in my functions.php file: function shortcode_title($atts, $content = null) { $output = '';

Stop strip_shortcodes() stripping content inside shortcodes

I have this shortcode: add_shortcode('refer', function($atts, $text) { $defaults = ['link' => '', 'nofollow' => true]; $atts = shortcode_atts($defaults, $atts, 'refer' ); $nofollow = $atts['nofollow']

wpDataTable does not appear in preview/visiting site

I am currently new in using wordpress, and am having a problem displaying a shortcode generated using wpDataTable. I am given a shortcode after wpDataTable

Shortcode outputting at top of content

I have a shortcode that is always outputting at the top of the page content. I am not sure on the correct usage for the

Shortcodes not working in an AJAX call

I am using AJAX to load next set of posts on homepage. The posts load fine but the shortcodes are not rendered. I am trying

Just to be 100% positive - are php template shortcodes ok?

Can I just get everyone’s ok that using shortcodes embedded within templates is the ‘correct’ thing to do? I’ve tested them and they work just

How do i create/generate a shortcode of a single post in wordpress

I want to generate a shortcode of a single post when it is published by which i can show that particular single post anywhere by

how to costumize a shortcode with the cosumizer

general context: I have a plugin which implements a widget and I would like to make the widget into a shortcode. The widget has many

How to customize a shortcode using the customizer

General context: I have a plugin which implements a widget and I would like to make the widget into a shortcode. The widget has many

Extending site search to include shortcode output

I wrote a shortcode that generates some HTML content for a page. I want my visitors to be able to find the page that this

Is Post-Author-Id shortocde

How difficult would it be to create a shortcode based on the following code: <?php if($post->post_author == '8'): ?> Yes This Post Is By Author

Is it possible to add a repeater field to TinyMCE’s option window?

I am trying to create an accordion shortcode builder for WordPress using TinyMCE’s editor.addCommand / function. I’d like to be able to add a

Modifying the wordpress login page and then referencing it with a shortcode problem

Both parts are working great separately. I have made the shortcode for the login form with: //register new shortcode add_action( 'init', 'my_add_shortcodes' ); function my_add_shortcodes()

How do I get a dynamic shortcode to render correctly?

I have a page that loads album preview images from Flickr. I want the user to click on a link/thumbnail and refresh the contents of

Shortcode - Display inline icon before text

i created buttons with shortcodes, and i need to add icon before the first text like this here is the shortcode [rule type="clear"] and

lanuch a shortcode from a link

Am in wordpress. I have a shortcode I want it to run when I click a link. I did try using do_shortcode but as yet

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