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Embedded Videos (PB) - Not Available

I am using this link to create a wordpress website VIDEO At minute 53 the guy is using “Embedded Videos (PB)” widget in order to

Theme transfer, redesigning, hosting, redirecting

I am redesigning two sites that are ( and I want to use the theme “puzzle” which I have already purchased not knowing

Understanding wp_enqueue_style

I am trying to understand how wordpress works. but i am having issue understanding how wp_enqueue_style(), wp_enqueue_script() works in relation to page output. From my

WordPress pulling in random page themes

I have a website that has multiple custom templates — a variety for pages and a couple for custom post types. However, WP is now

Headway Theme 2.0.13 Footer Question

I have been dealing with a website which I am updating the brand etc and trying to find the footer. The theme is the Headway

Move author bio into content on theme? [on hold]

I’ve got theia post slider set up for my site and I’m doing some optimization for the mobile version. My client thinks moving the author

What templates does woocommerce.php use?

I’m using the Engrave-Lite theme, which does not support WooCommerce. So I created a Child Theme and created a woocommerce.php by editing the page.php. So

Getting rid of header image that came with Template

Bought Mojo Themes “Shard” template. In process of modifying it with my own images and Graphics. Header has Shard logo image on same row as

Theme suggestions for aggregating gifs

I’m looking for a simple grid theme that can display .gif images. Any suggestions out there? Thanks in advance! Read more here: Theme suggestions for

WordPress Start-to-Finish

I am trying to figure out WordPress… Can somebody describe how a page is rendered in wordpress app? For example, when a user clicks on

Change the main width of Twenty Thirteen theme

I would like to reduce the main width (including the header) of my Twenty Thirteen website, and change the color of the outside (in sort,

Failed to import wordpress xml and media

I am trying to import a wordpress site into a woo theme. The original site from which the imports where made no longer exists but

Double request to current page in webtools

This is a really weird thing what I’m facing to. On some wordpress site I’m managing, when I watch the network tab in web developer

Is this an acceptable use of eval() or will a whole bunch of kittens die?

My problem is I’m trying to use an imploded string as an operator. And as a PHP novice, eval() is the only option that works,

Bootstrap at Back end not working

How do I enable Bootstrap for my theme option page. Bootstrap is working fine on the frontend. Read more here: Bootstrap at Back end not

Theme for taking quiz

I have a website that i want to taking a quiz. I need a theme for this task that it must be suitable for taking

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