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Breadcrumbs disappeared from single product and category pages after updating woocommerce to 2.3.6

My site BYnOb(dot)com working well before woocommerce updates, but after upgrading woocommerce to 2.3.6 version I faced a lot of errors and template outdated issues.

Synchronize magento and woocommerce products

I would to know that is there any way to Synchronize magento and woocommerce products similarly to ebay product listing on magento Read more here:

What file do I need to edit ? ( Woocommerce storefront header )

I’m needing to make changes to the Woocommerce Storefront theme ( ) but am having trouble locating the file I need to edit. I

Woocommerce Jumpy Rerendering of Variations/Add to Cart

My WooCommerce cart with variations is functioning correctly (can select sizes and add to cart, redirects to cart) but has some display problems. Whenever you

WooCommerce - Output the total sales of a specific category?

I know how to output for a specific product, but what about an entire category? I have one specific category where all of the product

woocommerce size chart guide link

In my website i want to add size chart guide,Right now i added functions for add size guide link, function day_after_add_to_cart(){ echo '<a id="sizeguide" href="#linktosizeguide"

wordpress woocommerce product can shown in backend, but cannot show in front end

I keep checking this, but I cant see anything wrong…anyone could help? Category, I have put Accessories->glass Read more here: wordpress woocommerce product can

WooCommerce - Hide something if a specific product is in the cart?

I have set up a custom, hidden product for gift wrapping. I have a notice set to show on the cart page with a button

Woocommerce Nested Categories

Trying to get plugin to show product category’s subcategories but only to 1 level deep. Currently here is what is being displayed: Parent Category -

Woocommerce Product detail send by email

Does any onyone there who knows or give an idea how the user/customer will be able to email the product information as a pdf file

Add product category name on order page in admin

Is there a way to add product category name to the admin order page in Woocommerce? Right now it only display the product name. Read

Woocommerce how to do shipping method?

In flat rate shipping, i’ve set the method title to say Standard and i’ve also set the cost to 0.00 to disable. When in the

Add a Thumbnail to Group Product Image in Woocommerce

Currently woo commerce only offers the product name and quantity box. Some of my products are a different color or style. I would like the

How to customize single product page as like html design?

I’m trying to integrate my html into woocommerce single product page. Can anyone please give me a bit idea about how to do it. How

Woocommerce Breadcrumbs not displaying full path

Working on a woocommerce cart with many categories / sub categories / sub-sub cat’s etc. Bread crumbs default to only displaying the Home page, and

Add to cart button woocommerce

I am doing one website using woocommerce,In product shop page I want to add simple product and variable product and everything working well,but when I

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