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How to add shipping cost while adding product?

I am working with Woocommerce to make a Online shop. I have added Extra text fields in add product page like Shipping Charges & Regular

Change category ID woocommerce

I want to sort product categories in slider. And question is - how can i change category ID in woocommerce? I tried to change it

woocommerce cart not updating properly?

Woocommerce cart working fine previously, suddenly the add to cart adds the products but the cart page returns no products. checked everything including session path,

Woocommerce Email notifications when change status

I want do: if is new order that send email (admin template) to ADMIN and CUSTOMER (to same). But email customer (template) no send. If

Woocommerce - Removing manually part of the URL cause 404 error

As mentioned in the Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” (pg 11) a good SEO practice is to give the possibility to users to remove

Free WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

I’m Using WordPress for a website. Now i want to add a shiping method like: My product ‘A’ have a shipping cost of $10. If

how to change woocommerce mini cart button name to specific tag on header?

I want to change mini “cart” button name to “view Cart” in header widget, i have tried on google but not yet get. Change WooCommerce

WooCommerce: Wrong product price in completion email

I’m running WooCommerce v2.2.10 with WPML on the current WordPress version. I noticed a weird bug in the completion emails which a customer receives once

Woocommerce checkout returning same url

When i click on payment i am taken to the same url. Which is and i get the error message Your order has already

Cart item delete hook

Is there a hook when a item/product is removed from the cart, where I could get any information what so ever about that item? Tried

Woocommerce - Hide "minus" symbol on Coupon field

I’m trying to filter ‘woocommerce_coupon_discount_amount_html’ in order to hide the minus (-) symbol in coupon field. I tried this: add_filter('woocommerce_coupon_discount_amount_html', 'hide_minus_coupon'); function hide_minus_coupon( $discount_html )

Rename Proceed To Checkout Button in Woo-commerce

How Can Rename Proceed To Checkout Button in Woo-commerce i Was Looking For Add Filter Read more here: Rename Proceed To Checkout Button in Woo-commerce

WordPress send variable parameters to function in functions.php

I’m using the below code to change the price of a cart item. This works but i’m trying to pass the $quantity & $variation_id variables

woocommerce fetch buyer first and last name after successful payment

I am working with woocommerce and paypal for woocommerce plugin. Once the payment has been successful, the buyer first name, last name and email address

Woocommerce cart item price won’t update

I’m using woocommerce 2.0 and i’m trying to update a cart item’s price. Here is my code but when i refresh the cart the item’s

Free plugin to import woocommerce products type External/ Affiliate product

I’m looking for a free plugin that allows me to add affiliate products from an external file (.xml, .csv). I searched a lot but without

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