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Category management in mutisite of wordpress

I have tried many plugins and custom code for product category management in wordpress. I have total 4(four) sites in wordpress. 1-Site A 2-Site B

Woocommerce and product sorting

I was asked to add product filtering to a Woocommerce shop (most recent version). Didn’t think it would be much of a problem, as there

woocommerce widget title has no html or css tags to target

I have struggled for a while to find a solution for this and decided to turn to you. I have placed some woocommerce widgets in

auto complete woocommerce order every x minutes?

All the plugins I can find for this auto complete the order on payment. What I want to do is wait 10minutes and call a

WooCommerce: always showing add-to-cart button even before variation is selected

On the single product page of variable products, WooCommerce doesn’t generate the Add-to-cart button until one variation gets selected. If two variations are required but

html tags in products attributes on woocommerce

I’m using WooCommerce, I’m trying to insert HTML code in an attribute of a product but to save this escaping HTML tags, how can I

WooCommerce get order number inside class-wc-email-new-order.php file

In class-wc-email-new-order.php files (woocommerce/includes/emails/) I’m trying to get the order number. I’m using following code to get id: $order->get_order_number(); Unfortunately, this variable is not available

How can i do auto price update when the product quantity changes using woocommerce plugin

How can i do, auto price update when the product quantity changes using woo-commerce plugin. In cart page when i change the product quantity price

Adding “billing_email” to email

Here is the code that I have: add_filter('woocommerce_email_headers', 'my_from_reply'); function my_from_reply() { return 'From:' . "rn"; } And this is the customer’s billing email.

Updated Woocommerce and scripts not loading

I updated from woocommerce 2.0 to 2.37 and scripts aren’t loading. I’m testing updating woocommernce on a development website and comparing to the live website,

WooCommerce Pre-Orders Plugin

I’m looking into purchasing WooCommerce Pre Orders and have been looking at a friend’s copy to demo. It’s a great plugin, but I have an

WooCommerce - Static attribute

I would like to know if there is way to add static attributes. example: I want to display all product designs, and then when I

Woocommerce checkout bug in Safari

We had a customer let us know that they’d tried to complete a purchase on our site from multiple devices, all Apple, and they were

Buyer acct email/password not working in sandbox

I’m testing (well, trying to) website orders in the sandbox but when I get to and select pay with PayPal account it doesn’t let

Woocommerce related products - only show in stock related products

I’m trying to filter the products shown in “related products” in woocommerce so that it only outputs related products that are in stock. I’ve tried

Express checkout PayPal, guest mode does not always working

I am trying to use Express checkout in Pay Pal Api. And I want to use it in guest mode (without creating of account), everything

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