Im looking to build a charity site in wordpress. I would like to build a donation page with the below functionality;

  1. Enter Name
  2. Enter Email address
  3. Complete tick box
  4. Share the charity site on social media / like the site Facebook page
  5. Make an unspecified donation via paypal (as in any amount the user chooses)

Then once all four steps are completed, I would like the user to press a submit button that captures the name and email address. This is so I can build a database of donors and display a list of names on the site somewhere.

Could anyone tell me if this is likely possible? Ive looked through a ton of plugins and tried fiddling around but not really sure if this is achievable in wordpress. I tried form 7, looked at gravity forms but it costs and theres no guarantee the above is possible. Would I need to host a separate MySQL somewhere and write something in php to do the above? Or are there 3rd party sites (free or very cheap) that could do the above or something similar?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

Read more here: Charity WordPress site - Paypal donation, social media share + email capture


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