I’m trying to combine this function with slide.toggle and implement it in wordpress so the title and a custom field change on scroll. And you have the option to close and open the custom fields content.


$(window).on("scroll resize", function(){
var pos=$('#date').offset();
    if(pos.top >= $(this).offset().top && pos.top <= $(this).next().offset().top)
        $('#date').html($(this).html()); //or any other way you want to get the date
        return; //break the loop
$(window).trigger('scroll'); // init the value

I have seen this on http://designbolaget.dk/ and I want the same function but i can’t figure out have they have done it. There is tons of javascript on there site.

I guess its possible to echo the_title and add a custom field into the fiddle i link to!?

I hope you can help me. Thanks!

Read more here: Combine slide.toggle and on scroll in wordpress


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