I want to do a Theme Options page that will have sections

Those sections should be to save one by one, and also all together.

WordPress default function for that will regardless where I put it, always save all at once.

Thats good, for the final “save all” button

But not for each single section

My Goal:

Each section can be save at once and perhaps highlights shortly in a slightly different color while saving
Page should not be reloaded, thats why AJAX has been recommended here:

There also my code (part of) can be seen.

I am not sure if I should paste here my entire code for the theme sections
(array and all ht e rest included)

I dont want a ready to use code. I know its b^not the scope of stackoverflow

But perhaps somebody can give me a cool example, I am beginner in php, imagine AJAX :(

I thank everybody for pointing me to correct direction or perhaps even tutorial?

I think this could also help the community

Read more here: create a ajax handled save action for theme options (sections)


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