Has anyone ever had a situation on Apache (mod PHP) where session objects are seemingly deleted (or not renewed/kept alive) between page calls?

I’ve even performed a trace with Netbeans / XDEBUG and objects seem to be disappearing between page calls but randomly. i.e. at one point a cart object will be deleted but I may be able to click on a random amount of pages before this happens (or the same page link a random amount of times). There doesn’t seem to be any rule.

I’ve been dumping vars until my face turned blue but I can’t see what’s going on. PHP SESSION variables aren’t supposed to be deleted unless the session ends or the server runs out of a memory (in which case I should get an error in the PHP error log).

I realize this is an open question but I’m running out of options. Strangely the same version of the code that’s behaving like this runs perfectly well on another computer and I’m unable to recreate the random disappearing object phenomenon.

Any insights would be appreciated.



Read more here: Disappearing Session objects - Apache/Wamp/PHP


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