I have two forms.

In first one:

Test-Head - text-field

Param - text-field

Unit - text-field

Range - text-field

In second one:

Test-Head - checkbox(autopopulate from form one entries)

List - list-field(4 coloum)

[Param] [Unit] [Range] [Result]

I have populated the checkbox choices in the second form with the data entered (Test-Head) in the first form. Now I want to populate the list field in the second form with rest three entries of the first form depending on the checkbox selection. Suppose we entered 4 entries in the first form with Test-Heaad entry Test1, then when we check Test1 in the second form it automatically add four rows in the list field and also populate the list field values with same name. If we check more than one choice it append another list field and populate rows in the same way. Do any one suggest the way to do the job?

Read more here: Dynamically Populate and Append "List" Field with previous entries in Gravity Form


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