The issue is the menu appears on some pages but not on others. (The very top navigation menu, top left)

Here is the code I used in the header.php file:

<div class="wrappertop">
<div class="top-box">   <?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('Top Widget') ) : ?><?php endif; ?>
<li style="disply: none !important; list-style:none;">
<a href="javascript:toggle();" id="displayText">
Book An Artist

And here is the code I added to the functions.php file:

'name' => __('Top Widget', 'bean'),
'description'   => __('Widget Area for top client services nav.', 'bean'),
'id'   => 'top-widget',
'before_widget' => '<div class="top-menu">',
'after_widget'  => '',
'before_title'  => '<h6 class="widget-title">',
'after_title'   => '</h6>'

It seems to be something to do with the div’s not always closing. An extra closed div than there should be, only on the pages that the menu doesn’t work.

The theme originally would only allow 2 menus so I had to follow tutorial for 3rd.


Heres the weird part and the example:

Working very top navigation bar (top left)

Not working:

Does anyone know why the menu may not appear on certain pages but it does on others? Thanks :) I can provide full code for any file if that helps too.

Read more here: Elusive WordPress menu bug, any suggestions? I am truly stumped


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