There was a question similar to mine but the answer was incomplete because instead of replacing the star image, the answer just changed the colour of the star… I would like to change the star image that comes with the woocoomerce plugin and replace it with a font awesome icon AND I don’t want to touch the original plugin so I’ve created the child theme within my wordpress theme folder to avoid changing the original woocommerce plugin and working from the child theme.

At first I tried to not use font awesome. I created an image folder and pasted a new image in it..then in my child css I pasted the woo commerce.css star rating styles and just replaced the word star with the new image name but the “S” symbols showed up to replace the stars. I read in another stack overflow answer that I needed to use a font editor to make everything look right. I don’t want to do this though. Is there a way to replace the star rating using FONT AWESOME?? I can’t find where in the woocommerce plugin the star image is being called in…ideally I thought I could find the function where the star is being called in and then copy and paste the function to my child function.php and then replace the image by echoing another font awesome class??

Read more here: How do I use font awesome to change the star rating image in woocommerce?


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