I have just created an app on open shift and I have the WordPress example set up. The site works fine.

I have git connected to my openshift app and am trying to upload custom content.

as stated here I can add custom stuff to php/wp-content and have pushed a html file via git like so:


but when visiting my url I get a 404

when I get this done I plan to try upload my duplicator package to my apphttps://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/

note: this is what they said about wp-content on the git repo

Note: When you upload plugins and themes, they’ll get put into your
OpenShift data directory on the gear ($OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR). If you’d
like to check these into source control, download the plugins and
themes directories and then check them directly into
php/wp-content/themes, php/wp-content/plugins.

Read more here: How to publically access a file uploaded via git to wp-content on openshift


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