I’m building a multi-site project locally using the VVV Vagrant VM.

I setup a sub-domain multisite install with domain mapping and two sub-sites. Everything works fine. This was my sandbox that I used to get started and figure things out.

Now I’ve setup a new, exact replica (obviously URLS are different) of that working multi-site network on the same VM. Everything seems fine with the primary site, but when I create a new sub-site, its broken. I’m getting 404s for the admin and front end.

It’s quite confusing since the setups are identical. Same configurations and vhost in nginx. Same configuration files for WordPress config, etc. I’ve checked and re-checked everything.

So my question is: Are there any issues trying to run two or more instances of wordpress multi-site on the same box, IE the same MySQL instance. I understand WordPress uses the same database to add blogs to the network, and just creates new tables with a blog-ID prefix. I just cannot seem to uncover the issue here.

Thanks for the help.

Read more here: How To Run Multiple Multi-Site Networks On Same Box


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