I am making a plugin page on wordpress admin, that I have connected it using the add_menu_page() command. This page displays a list of custom post type using wp_query.

I am trying to link each title of the custom post to a seperate page that can edit the post (actually only two bits of information, title and featured image), without the use of edit.php. For that, I have created a separate php file inside the plugin dir called myedit.php which takes only one parameter “pid” (the post id) along the page parameter that is needed to load the page from the plugin dir.

Is there a way to convert myedit.php automatically to the link that wordpress makes when it is added to a menu page, like:


without making it hardcoded, especially the [plugin_name] parameter on the page?

When I tried the hardcoded and not included to the menu way, it says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

Read more here: Linking wordpress plugin page with another in the same directory


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