alright this is a tricky one bear with me

a while back i developed a site for someone and he just pointed his DNS nameservers to my host which is dreamhost.

later he decided to change the DNS back, and i was effectively stuck without being able to view the site or modify it.

what dreamhost suggested, which made sense, is to make a mirror domain and new SQL user so that i could access the database, this worked fine and ive backed up the database - its huge btw about 300Mb.

i have been able to get the site back up on the mirror and can administer wordpress but there are no posts or pages showing in the admin panel. the theme works fine, all images are broken of course…due to the old URL being hard coded all over the database.

i figured i could sort this out using a script to find and replace all of the old URLs in the database, which did work. but posts and pages are still absent. ive done the usual regeneration of permalinks and all that, no joy. i am treating the mirror address as if it was the primary URL, like when i re deploy a site when i move them which i do all the time, this has never happened…

as a last resort i was wondering about changing the A records to point another domain to this one for the time being. that might show what the score is. could it be a plugin.. i didnt get that far.

the other solution is to re deploy the site on another clean install of wordpress, but with a database this large it is difficult. can someone tell me a simple step by step way to get this done… i use putty so can use command lines, although never have with dreamhost. i was thinking to upload the SQL file first via ftp then run a command, can someone explain exactly how i would do that? is it via php myadmin?



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