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At the site in the header I have an Aweber form that is loaded from AWeber with a script. Somehow now in Safari/Chrome the text of the form gets cut off:

You can see that the “S” does not show well. As AWeber CSS is loaded inline and even uses !important:

.bodyText p {
text-align: center !important;
margin-top: -8px !important;

it is more of a challenge overriding this. Even after cleaning up the custom CSS with the help of the validator. I am trying to override it and make sure the form does show the title well. So far now luck. I have tried added some ids before the .bodyText p with and without important, but no joy so far. I could add the form without a script and as core html, but as this is inside a WordPress post I prefer to not do this and get the override done in custom.css of the child theme. Hope someone sees something I do not so far.

Read more here: Override Margin of p wrapped AWeber Form to Display Title Well


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