Running local copy of an old WordPress site on MAMP

Running local copy of an old wordpress site on MAMP

Hi there,

I need to update some stuff on an old WP site, which I plan on doing locally.

I am able to run the latest default version of WordPress (4.9.5) on MAMP, following the stages in this tutorial:

However, I when I pull down my WordPress site via FTP and import the exported database, it does not run, instead it just trys to download the index.php file…

I figure this may be something to do with conflicting versions of WordPress + PHP, but knowledge doesn’t stretch far enough to work out what. The original site (that I’m trying to run on localhost) has the following specs:

WordPress version 3.1
PHP 3.5.2

I’m wondering what could cause this site not to run? I seem to not be able to run this version of WordPress on MAMP…I have tried various .htaccess scripts (including the default WP one) and this does not seem to do anything. Nothing is in my apache or PHP logs either. Is there something I’m missing? What does one need to be aware of when trying to move an old wordpress site onto localhost?

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