Sales Cart Flow Plugin Suggestion for EDD

First off, if I’m not allowed to ask for a plugin suggestion here, please let me know, because I’m not sure if this is development only or not.

I run a photography platform where a photographer’s customers can buy digital photos on a per download basis. A customer will scroll through their private gallery, add the photos to their cart, and checkout with them. I’m using Easy Digital Downloads, among a few custom and paid plugins.

I would like to know if there is any plugin that can add upsells in a multi-step checkout process?

If I could be more specific, I would like a plugin that shows a page after the customer has chosen their photos, where they can order prints in the same way you might on the automatic printing machine at Fred Meyer, for example. Where it shows you a thumbnail of the image in your cart, and you can press up or down on the number of prints you want to order..something like that.

Are there any plugins that can achieve that? Anything that can get me closer?

Sorry if that didn’t make any sense. I’m having A really hard time describing it, which might be why I haven’t been able to find anything myself.

Read more here:: Sales Cart Flow Plugin Suggestion for EDD

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