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ACF Form not creating unique entities

I am using Advance Custom Fields to create a new fields within the members profiles. Using the locations panel within the setting, i can target

Return ACF field as a Shortcode using WordPress Functions.php file

How do I use an Advanced Custom Field as a Shortcode. Ive used the following code in the WordPress functions.php file but no luck. Here

WordPress: Add row to ACF through the backend when creating a post

I’m kinda new to wordpress, I’m using advanced custom fields(with repeater) and custom post types UI plugins, this might be a bit confusing but this

WordPress not showing a category with ACF

The WordPress website I am debugging is used as an intern tool to publish reports. When a user want to create a new report, they

Alternate wordpress post ACF (nth child)

I am trying to insert 4 different classes in accordance to the design aspect. e.g. ROW 1: [IMAGE 1, GREEN, LEFT] | [IMAGE 1, GREEN,

Order posts by ACF field Date Picker

I am trying to order the posts by the Date Picker field of Advanced Custom Fields. What I have done is this: 'post_type' => 'events',

ACF Repeater field value doesn’t display

We are using ACF Repeater Field to display related posts as widget in single.php. We have the following code. RELATED <a target=_blank rel="nofollow" href=""> The

How to set uploaded images directory by post id in wordpress ACF image?

I want to know how to set uploaded images directory by post id in wordpress ACF image using repeater. When i try with wp_insert_attachment, it

ACF Repeater field doesn’t output images

I am using ACF repeater plugin on my wordpress site to generate simple gallery. this si the code in my tempalte file: <?php if( have_rows('gallery')

Make ACF repeater responsive

I am trying to make a 2 column responsive layout using ACF repeater field. I have tried using a counter, but I don’t think I

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