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How to add product categories dropdown in Shop page only on woocommerce?

I’m using this short code in shop page [product_categories number=”12″ parent=”0″] It works fine. But I have to display product categories drop down [product_categories_dropdown orderby=”title”

add a Php drop down list to jquery

I’m populating a drop down list with page links in wordpress, see code below. $html .= '<select id="pp_dropdown_link" name="hero_options[pp_dropdown_link_'.$i.']"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) .

Add wordpress shortcode wp_dropdown_pages() to jquery

As the title says I’m trying to add wp_dropdown_pages() to my jquery script, is this possible and if so how? Read more here: Add wordpress

WordPress custom field or meta box to add data to footer

I have a custom theme which has a footer.php file, which contains my footer. This footer contains two YouTube videos which I have currently hardcoded

WP nav menu + Bootstrap, add role="menu" to UL (solved)

For one of my projects I’m trying to add a nav_menu to my WP theme. It should work as a quick menu (sidebar). The only

WP nav menu + Bootstrap, add role="menu" to UL

For one of my projects I’m trying to add a nav_menu to my WP theme. It should work as a quick menu (sidebar). The only

How to add role to subsriber to delete post?

I am using a frontend post editing and deleting option in my theme . Right Now a subscriber can not delete a post. How can

Can we add a cover photo in a Buddypress site?

Like any other well-reputed social networking site, can we include dynamic cover picture section in a Buddypress site??? For you kind information its a “dynamic

WordPress: Add row to ACF through the backend when creating a post

I’m kinda new to wordpress, I’m using advanced custom fields(with repeater) and custom post types UI plugins, this might be a bit confusing but this

How do I add a title to the widget header?

I’ve been looking for a way to add a title to the widget. Notice that I am not talking about frontend! The HTML class it

How do i add a random background image on a specific element each session?

I’m using the following code to generate a random background image on a specific css element in my WordPress Theme. It works fine but loads

How to add default text in product’s short description woocommerce

I have installed woocommerce, so I have products. In the page where you create products (in the backend, when you click ‘add new product’) there

how to add a div before the ul tag

I am using wordpress and i want to add two divs before the sub-menu part ul tag .My code is like this . <ul class='main_ul'>

Can’t Add Custom Meta Box to Custom Post Type

Trying to add a custom meta box to a custom post type in wordpress and nothing seems to work. When I copy and paste a

Add Javascript to WordPress Menu

Is there a way to put javascript in the URL portion of a WordPress menu item? I have a live chat function on my site,

woocommerce - add extra coupon area

I’m using Woocommerce to build a custom webshop. On the checkout page, i’d like my coupon area to be on the bottom of the page,

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