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replace a function added in external class

I’m using wp 3.9, bp 2.0.1 and the bp-groupblog plugin 1.8.5. In the ‘create_screen’-function in BP_Groupblog_Extension-class (extending the BP_Group_Extension-class) the plugin adds an action: function

Using added column in wp_posts table? WPUF

I added a column to wp_posts as I need a uuid field on the post table. I had trouble changing the guid value within wordpress

bbpress doesn’t work when certain code is added in an activated plugin

I have a forums page that displays my forum index. Whenever I add the following part of code the bbpress doesn’t display my forum index

woocommerce custom added to cart message determined by product category

im trying to detect a product category when the user adds an item to the cart in woocommerce. So that they get a different ‘added

../../tag/added/Added css styles in wordpress child theme style.css

I have some additional css styles appended in my child theme style.css file and it is not working.I tried to configure my function.php file for

From email couldn’t be added in wp_mail in wordpress

I have been trying to add reply to email into the wordpress function wp_mail. So, I did as: $subject = 'Inquiry from ' . $_REQUEST['first_name']

Why is the Walker_Nav_Menu self closing tags added in start_lvl

I’m creating a custom Walker based on Walker_Nav_Menu for a megamenu I’m working on and the issue I’m having is that it seems the tags

Image paths on custom post types getting /post_type/ added to path

Whenever I use a JavaScript path to /images/imagename.jpg or within CSS ie. background: url(../images/imagename.jpg) the actual path (only on custom post type pages) becomes: http://localhost/projectname/post_type/page/wp-content/themes/bonestheme/library/images/imagename.jpg)

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