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PHP bulk emails without cron job

I’m currently building a wordpress plugin for a charity, and am wondering what my options are for sending out bulk emails. They have an event

WordPress Bulk add alt tags to images

I’m doing some improvements for a WordPress (image gallery) website with more than 1000+ image. I want to add alt tags for all images with

Trying to locate and bulk edit WooCommerce prices in MySQL

I have roughly 10,000+ products in WooCommerce version 2.1.12, WordPress version 3.9.1 and through an import error, the sale price field was populated with a

WordPress Attachment Category Bulk Edit

I’m trying to assign a attachment category to my media files. With my theme I added a custom taxonomy called ‘attachment_cat’. Now I want the

Bulk editor is deleting/removing custom taxonomy

I’m trying to modify a bulk editor function to accomplish two things: Stop the bulk editor from removing existing post taxonomies (these are custom taxonomies,

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