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Use Bootstrap Button Group to Swap Divs

I’m creating a login / register form for a woocommerce shop. The default woo template shows two side by side forms, one for new customers

WordPress functions doesn’t work inside custom TinyMCE editor button

I created simple TinyMCE plugin like below. Basically it’s a new button in TinyMCE editor that’ll pop up lightbox (thick box) when pressed. // create

Changing the Purchase Button - Woocommerce

I have to hide the possibility to buy for not logged in users (whole domain or store) Ex: If a user is NOT logged in

After clicking Fb share button the pop up does’t appear. What appead is fb_dialog_box

please see the demo problem at Here i have created my own plugin that can make the video be seen when user share the video.

Print button into woocomerce products

I would set a button into my woocommerce products to l’et’s user print her detail of chosen product. I tried a lot but no result

Woocommerce - adding an edit button to pending orders for customers

I’ve setup my woocommerce store so that a site administrator can create orders for customers and then notify them so they can login, view the

Radio Button options for page content

I’m building a WordPress site and we have some content that should be accessible globally (across all custom post types/posts). We have product pages and

perform a function when a user clicks register button in wordpress

am kind of new to wordpress coding, am trying to edit the wp-login.php file, in which if a user clicks register button, it registers the

Adding button into Lightbox - WordPress

I want to add button into Auto ThickBox Plus(plugin like lightbox). So when I open some image I want that button there. If you knew

How to convert add to cart button to checkbox?

I am building a woo-commerce site here and instead of giving add to cart button I want to give users the facility of checkbox. Is

bxslider custom next slide button

I’m working with a wordpress site that uses the jQuery bxslider script and am trying to code a a href link in the content of

how to add login and logout button after proceed to pay in woocommerce?

I have been working on shopping website.All I need is before proceeding to payment user should be asked to log in and after purchase he

custom attribute and ajax on google plus button callback

I am using google plus button on my website and on the click of that I want to trigger my custom ajax to perform some

Woocommerce auto redirect to payment gateway on clicking place order button

I use latest version of woo-commerce and payU money payment gateway. After I click on place order button in checkout, by selecting payUmoney payment gateway,

custom radio button onclick is not working in wordpress

When I added my html to wordpress site, onclick function is not working of custom radio button. But it is working in my html file.

How do I activate a function only when the button visible using jQuery [on hold]

I have a “load more posts’ on my WordPress blog. It’s activated only when clicked, using the function $('#load-posts a').click(function() { ... ... ... }

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