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How to add product categories dropdown in Shop page only on woocommerce?

I’m using this short code in shop page [product_categories number=”12″ parent=”0″] It works fine. But I have to display product categories drop down [product_categories_dropdown orderby=”title”

Show all posts of all categories but excluding a category on custom blog page with pagination of my theme

Show all posts of all categories but excluding a category on custom blog page with pagination of my theme <h3>Recent Posts</h3> <?php $paged = (get_query_var('paged'))

Search plugins and media categories

I’m very fairly new when it comes to plugins on WordPress. Currently I’m using a plugin called ” Enhanced Media Library ” for my wordpress

How can I echo the categories, sub categories and then posts within the sub categories all on one page?

I amusing wordpress and have setup a custom post type (called products & custom taxonomy called product_category) and I want to do the follow I

WordPress - custom post type, displaying the parent and child categories

So I’m reasonably new to WordPress, but have been able to solve most issues by myself up until now. I have a custom post type

Use blog as base for tags and categories

I have a site: build in wordpress. I set up the posts page as I want my tags and categories to be:

How to re-use GoPortfolio portfolios for different categories, tags or post ids

The GoPortfolio WordPress plugin allows me to create beautiful, responsive image galleries - for Posts and for WooCommerce products but I find it very tedious

Woocommerce display categories on home page linked to a subcategory page

I want to display on home page the top level categories and I’m ok with that using this code <?php $taxonomy = 'product_cat'; $orderby =

Using WordPress Popular Posts twice on one page (with different categories)

I’ve got AMR Shortcode Any Widget plugin, and I’m trying to place the WordPress Popular Posts two different times within a page’s content. I’m able

Display all of a post’s categories except the current category

I use categories to order my posts into timelines. So for example, Jennifer Lopez There are no subcategories. All categories are on one level. The

Query child’s child categories

I’m building a query to get the child’s child categories. For example : I have a parent category named ‘animal’ and others like ‘food’ and

RSS/XML of all Categories and/or Tags

Is it possible to get an RSS / XML feed of a WordPress install’s Categories and/or Tags? I’ve searched the Codex (, which was very

Categories not working with qtranslate + ajax call on wordpress

I’m using qTranslate on a custom wordpress theme, I have a jQuery ajax call that load the correct ‘admin-ajax.php/?lang=’ value and call the construction on

How to list all categories in three divs dynamically based on the quatity of categories?

I have 15 categories. I list this using Now it’s listing all 15 categories into a single div which is category_list. I am trying to

Change RSS format for specific categories

Is there way to have, in a single RSS feed, different formats for different categories? For example, if a post is a very long and

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