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Issue Creating Indices on Created Tables for WordPress Plugin

I’m having an issue getting some indices created when I create my tables for a new WordPress plugin. Here is the code: global $wpdb; $em_posts

Plugin options not being saved or created

Having a lot of trouble with this config page. I have followed the documentation (which was sparse) and done a bit of searching for help.

the_content and the_title filter not working for custom post type created with custom post ui plugin

My code is working fine on normal posts and pages but it is not working on custom posts. I could not find the answer. I’ve

Insert data from custom created php page to wp_postmeta table

Hi i am working wordpress site here i have created one custom page in bellow directory /home/planmyme/public_html/php/ with the name response.php. on this page i

WordPress W3 Total Cache Minify - JS and CSS Files Not Created (nginx)

I have a WordPress site I’m trying to minify with W3 Total Cache. It runs on nginx on Ubuntu 12.04. I am in manual minify

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