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CSS Navigation image background

Im making template for wordpress and I can’t solve this problem: I have my style for navigations: <style> body { background: #FFFBD0; } /* Navigation

Video is ignoring CSS height and width values

The video, and all videos i add to my page has height and width values set in CSS (via a shortcode) but it is just

Navigation menu options styling (CSS)

I am having trouble working with some styling. If you visit this demo site: I am trying to make the orange navigation menu button

Inserting PHP into jQuery css()

I’m working on a WordPress theme and I have come across a little block. I have a small app within the theme that highlights a

css position: fixed gets unfixed when scrolling in chrome and safari

ok here’s the problem, I’m using the stickyjs plugin that comes bundled with the premium wordpress theme. I decided to make a mobilephone image stick

H1 tag CSS Issue - One Side Hanging low on WordPress website

I am scratching my head as to what I’ve done here in my H1 Logo The first image shows what is messed up and the

Override CSS background image in WordPress plugin

I am trying to remove the default background image icon of the AddToAny WordPress plugin. As you can see in the URL below, the blue

Magento and WordPress Joint. How do i edit a page manually or the CSS?

I am having problems trying to figure out how exactly i can edit a simple page of the website. I didn’t initially create it so

CSS: hidden mistake about menu hover

I have problem with my website’s navigation. When I use to put logo image above the menu menu hover not working correctly. More clear: on

Trying to create my first plugin that’s a widget, all themes default styles are overriding my custom CSS

I have created a little plugin that creates a widget that I’ve made, basically just a pretty element, unfortunately, all default widget styles are overriding

WordPress combine js, css and minified

I have a question, about wordpress if i can combine all js on the site in a single js and all css from the page

WordPress aggressively caching CSS

I’m absolutely fed up at this stage. I just activated a new theme on my WordPress site. I activated it at about 7pm GMT and

Add CSS style sheet link tag with Text Widget

I am having a WordPress blog provided as free blog option by my E-commerce service provider.The user access provided by the eCommerce provider has very

Custom CSS for a particular text/html widget in WordPress

I have a couple of text widgets on my Home Sidebar. There is one text widget in particular that I want it to implement custom

CSS grey box over image links

I folks I have a problem which I solved on one page, but it has not fixed it on another… There is a grey box

../../tag/css/Added css styles in wordpress child theme style.css

I have some additional css styles appended in my child theme style.css file and it is not working.I tried to configure my function.php file for

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