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Related post by category: {if id = to current page id} should not display in related post

I workout wordpress related post by category. my problem is I don’t want to display the item in current post in the related post. for

Show the online status of the current post’s author

Is there a way that I can show the online status (Either online or offline) of the author of the post that a site visitor

WordPress check if current page is author page

Is there a way I can check if the current WordPress page is the author page? Thanks in advance! Read more here: WordPress check if

Get list of terms of current taxonomy archive for another taxonomy

I have a Custom Post Type named ‘Real estate’ which has (amongst others) two different taxonomies: ‘Purpose’ (hierarchical; terms used are ‘Living’, ‘Working’ and ‘Holidays’)

How do i know the current post type when on post.php in admin?

Im trying to do something with an admin_init hook if - and only if - the user is editing a post (post.php) with post type

redirect to current page wp-login

I am not very advanced in php. I found function that i can use in WP header - then when login from “small green box”

Woo Commerce hook for updating a price only for the current user. PHP

I hope that someone may know the answer or guide me in the right direction on this. I have been looking unsuccessfully at how to

How to get current Buddypress page name?

I am trying to dynamically display the name of the page a user is on in Buddypress. For example if you are on the Notifications

How to detect if the current post is the last post in the category

I have a website with my photos, divided to categories. in my site, each photo is a post and they are displayed when a viewer

WordPress: query_posts only checks current page instead of whole category for tags

I use the following code in my category sidebar to check which tags are used in the category. It works, but only for the first

Conditional loop based on current pahe

I’m trying to get the loop below to display only the post with the category that reflects the given condition but it doesn’t seem to

Conditional loop based on current page

I’m trying to get the loop below to display only the post with the category that reflects the given condition but it doesn’t seem to

Display all of a post’s categories except the current category

I use categories to order my posts into timelines. So for example, Jennifer Lopez There are no subcategories. All categories are on one level. The

WordPress - Retrieving specific posts from the current user

I have a custom post with 2 fields, the first field being the user, and the second one being a table, and whenever a user

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