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WordPress Custom Post Type and sort by Tags

I am currently making a custom WordPress theme, but so far I am stuck at this little problem. I have made a Custom Post type

custom wordpress php file relations not recognized

I am trying to do something quiet simple: from file /inc/follow-event.php I am calling an ajax post request: jQuery.ajax({ type: "POST", data: { data:'asd'}, url:

On edit.php, Custom Status only using First Letter?

I’ve created a custom post type (positions) and a custom status (filled). In both cases, I used the snippets provided by to put things

Adding custom fields to images

I want to show sources under my every images. So basicly I want to add a simple custom field. I added this code to my

Custom Slug for a custom post type and default post

It’s now several hours that I am trying to get this done without finding a proper solution. I’d like WP to use the following slug

Custom user access

So i’ve been googling around and i’m trying to figure out a plain simple solution to my problem. I’ve tried several things but they are

Renaming the slug of my custom post type in wordpress doesnt work anymore and keeps the old slug

I have been working on a WordPress theme for a few weeks now and i am facing the following problem: I have a custom post

Sorting Custom Posts on Archive page with pagination

I’ve got custom taxonomy archive pages with a drop down list that allows users to re-order/sort the posts. It basically waits for the user to

Use form to create post with custom fields

I’m wondering how to use the information submitted in a front-end form to create a new post that uses custom fields. <form action="" id="form" method="POST">

Composer package not found with custom packages.json

I have a custom packages.json file which contains the following: { "packages": { "dtcmedia/wordpress": { "3.9.1": { "name": "dtcmedia/wordpress", "version": "3.9.1", "version_normalized": "", "source": {

woocommerce - custom price formatting

I’m using Woocommerce to build a custom theme for a webshop. The price formatting that i’m getting back now is: ‘150’ when the price is

Unproportional Custom Image Size

I am facing problem with image widget in my wordpress website. When I use custom size, the height and width are proportional. I want to

change output location of plugin function using a custom hook

I’m running the YouTube Video Fetcher plugin and it fetches youtube videos and displays it on your website. However, instead of displaying the video after

woocommerce custom price based on quantity

I have a product $productPrice = $12.00 Is it possible if productQuantity = 12 would be $productPrice = $99.00 Please let me know this thing

WordPress Plugin WooCommerce, Custom Payment Gateway Settings Not Saving

I’m working on a custom payment gateway for the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. I cannot seem to save the settings for the payment gateway. When I

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