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carrying custom wordpress query variable throughout session

I’m creating a wordpress site that needs to have two distinct versions. The changes in the two are only frontend, and will be very minimal

how to create a phpmyadmin db connection for wordpress and create custom id search box with resultpage?

have a wordpress site for the college. We wanted to preview our students exam result on our site. so we design a database.each student have

Sorting Custom Post Types, Taxonomy

I’m trying to sort a custom post type, using 2 taxonomies: Location and Unit - both are setup as categories. Inside of my location taxonomy

Adding a custom html and js Circular Nav Menu to WordPress

I have found this nice looking circular navigation: and would really like to add it to my wordpress page. I tried appending the css

Styling wordpress custom category templates

I have a created a custom category template for parent categories which displays only the child categories rather than all the posts contained (category-slug.php). I

Change gravity form subject with custom logic based text? [on hold]

How to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (I need to add some functions to change dynamic subject line) How

how to change gravity form subject with custom logic based text?

how to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (i need to add some fuctions to chage dynamic subject line) how

How to achieve a clean custom permalink solution?

I am working on the design of a blog with the below(just a sample) category hierarchy. PARENT | |------------------------------------------------| Food Fashion | | |---------------------| |---------------------|

Rewrite rules for subterms in custom taxonomies

I am using a large number of custom taxonomies. My post type is called “location” and there is a parent term “Asia” and a subterm

Custom JQuery Lightbox doesn’t work on WordPress site

When I run the code offline using a HTML code and calling the JQuery Library, it works properly. However, when I try to implement it

How to change custom post type category link in WordPress

Hi I’m building a wordpress application with custom post type. Having trouble with custom post type. This is my following code for custom post type

Can’t Add Custom Meta Box to Custom Post Type

Trying to add a custom meta box to a custom post type in wordpress and nothing seems to work. When I copy and paste a

WordPress thesis get custom title from database

i’m developing a plugin for wordpress. i have thesis framework installed on my wordpress. for which ., i like to retrieve the custom title from

Pulling all WordPress posts with Advanced Custom Fields Check Box value of X

I’m trying to create a Calender display on a WordPress website. On each day a list of activities that is available ill be show. At

Conditional Statement custom post type category

I would like to display a text depends of my custom taxonomy category, like: if custom post type category is X, then echo Text Y.

WordPress - custom post type, displaying the parent and child categories

So I’m reasonably new to WordPress, but have been able to solve most issues by myself up until now. I have a custom post type

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