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Custom permalinks WordPress

When creating a plugin for WordPress, I came across the following problem: I want to use custom URL’s for my plugin but whenever I use

Advanced Custom Fields (Loop user profile field)

I have created a field within the wordpress profile (created with a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields) which allows customers to upload their logo. I

Custom Tags for WordPress SEO

I’m using WordPress SEO by Yoast, the free version and wondering if there is a way to create custom tags such as %%city%%. I want

How to query the custom fields by language?

For each post, there is a custom field name “Function”, the key/value pair is like this: Key : Functions Value : <!--en-->Nourishing Yin and invigorating

How can I improve a slow custom query? (subquery + inner joins with custom fields)

I have a query that is used to return available rooms for a booking system Using ACF, I have a custom post type representing reservation

WP Custom Post type & Taxonomy url structure

So, I have a CPT named: Sport and a taxonomy named: sport_types; I a want an url structure like this: /sports/ <- archive-sport /sports/karate <-

Adding A Custom Tab To The Insert Media / Add Featured Image Modal

The goal here is to be able to host images via an external CDN — in this instance I want to leverage Adobe Scene7 because

WordPress Custom Type permalink with custom Taxonomy slug

I have a custom post type on my site called Homes, with a custom taxonomy called homes-category. They are both working correctly, but I am

WordPress - Custom error page is not working for pdf

Custom “Page not found ” is working on regular pages , if pages does not exist. I test by manually typing wrong url and it

Custom Post Type vs Shortcode: Which one is more performant?

I am designing a WordPress blog where I will have two types of posts: a. Normal posts; regular posts with a number of text paragraphs

Create custom post type single page

I want to make single page for my custom post type but my method didn’t work. I’ve created custom post type in this way: function

Custom Javascript Accordion External Links

I am trying to add custom Javascript into my WordPress site. I have javascript being properly enqueued into the site. In order to stay compliant

Flexslider not working for my custom theme WordPress

I add flexslider to my theme homepage but it didn’not show on my homepage what the problem is going on please suggets some solution.

Custom Search only for my Custom Taxonomy Page - data

First of all my this post is related to : Link 1 and Link 2 I made my custom taxonomy page : My Custom Taxonomy

WordPress - Custom Change Password page

I’m trying to create custom page for Change Password under Profile. When I store/update the new user password(already change to hash value), it will logout

Can I create a custom WordPress registration form?

I want to have in WordPress two kind of registration forms. The default one for let’s say visitors users and a custom one for some

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