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posts to get expire (deleted) after a date

i am creating an coupon site from scratch and for this have saw many codes and examples on the internet. but it doesn’t work as

Order posts by ACF field Date Picker

I am trying to order the posts by the Date Picker field of Advanced Custom Fields. What I have done is this: 'post_type' => 'events',

Dynamic date variables for custom post type query

I am querying a custom post type called ‘events’ which has a meta field called ‘event_date’ which is stored in date format. It is my

Change date language - WordPress

I have done this before, but I have forgotten it. I have searched online alot for solving this problem, but haven’t found exactly what I

How to change the date format in order-detail?

I want to change the date format of order-detail. Right now it is coming in “8 06Europe/Amsterdam18 2014” and I want this in 26-06-2014 like:

Custom WordPress Theme: Publish Date and Display Date for posts right beside each other

What’s currently happening is that for posts that have an ‘update’ time, the original publish and editor dates are rendering side by side (with no

Date Availability Checker

I’m looking for a simple solution to check the availability of a date. Basically the user would fill out a form and select a date

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