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Woocommerce when deleting a product, automatically also delete the product gallery and product image

I was trying the following: when a product page gets deleted (permanently), it should also delete the: product gallery and product image which are attached

How to add role to subsriber to delete post?

I am using a frontend post editing and deleting option in my theme . Right Now a subscriber can not delete a post. How can

How to change role of subscriber to allow them to delete a post? [on hold]

I am using a front-end post editing and deleting option in my theme. Right now a subscriber cannot delete a post. How can I change

Run Jquery Script after delete post in front end

I have a list of posts on a page on the front end. With each post I have created a delete button with get_delete_post_link. This

Cannot find and delete default ‘Home’ page in pages list

I am starting a wordpress website and created my first page called ‘home’ but when I go to view my site I have 2 home

Mysql error 1093: How to delete wordpress users with no posts & no comments, is not an admin and registered in year 2013 and older

I have this code that works properly and displays the output that I want. SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID NOT IN ( SELECT post_author

WordPress - contact form 7: add class to form when submit, and delete when form was checked/send

I want to add a class to the whole contact form on submit. i want to hide the submit button while the form is checking

How to delete remain data in WP database after deleting custom post via admin interface

I’m trying to create a plugin that will delete pictures and additional info from database on deleting custom post (sp_venue) via admin panel (wp-admin/edit-tags.php) In

Delete an image in PHP (WordPress)

I have this code which uploads an image from admin and it works well. add_action('admin_init', 'register_and_build_fields'); function register_and_build_fields() { register_setting('theme_options', 'theme_options', 'validate_setting', 'delete_file'); } function

How to Mass Delete Images from Media Library

I need your help. I am trying to mass delete attachments from a custom post type (‘book’) using a sql query. I found this snippet

Delete many WordPress users thru mysql

I downloaded and manually filtered a the Users database from Mysql, and now I have the users I don’t want to delete. How should I

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