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How to display a time based on a visitor’s localized time or location?

Currently I am running a WordPress soccer site named There I provide match time, news, result etc. I want to show the fixture’s time

Display images in attched gallery of custom post type

i have a custom post type-> events. I have a gallery page in which the featured image from a custom post is used as album

how to display images of custom post

i have a custom post type-> events. I have a gallery page in which the featured image from a custom post is used as album

Breadcrumb display subcategory in parent category page

I’am using Avante theme for my WP website. All my posts have two categories : Main category and subcategory ◊ The problem is that my

Fading and no display effect CSS/JQUERY on scroll

Hi I’m debugging a site for a friend, which kept me looking for a solution for hours. Unfortunately I could not find the source or

How To Display Post’s on Two Column In WordPress Home page

I want to display my home page post’s on two column, If you have any idea then please share it with me. Thanks Read more

How to display list of child pages with parent in wordpress?

I have following format of subpages in wordpress: About Us -Services -Products -Surgery I want to list all subpages with parent page like above but

php function: the html did not display

I created a function called portfolio but unfortunately the html of the code are not display while the function from wordpress is working. function portfolio($id){

Related post by category: {if id = to current page id} should not display in related post

I workout wordpress related post by category. my problem is I don’t want to display the item in current post in the related post. for

How to display login form anywhere, when user isn’t logged in, without redirecting?

I’m currently using Theme My Login, and I’m building a membership website where nothing is accessible to anyone, unless they’re logged in. When a user,

How can I display products & subcategories along side each other?

Slightly complicated problem. I have parent categories which all have sub categories. When on the parent category page I want to display all the sub

display arrays based on ID or class name

I’ve created an admin page for my wordpress theme to allow multiple images to be uploaded to my slideshow. It works fine if there is

Display a tag before the menu list content

Is that possible to insert a text before the menu items? In this case, I want to lead a tag for the list content (like

Display latest post featured image from category

I need to show in home page the latest post featured image from category like background url of .categoria div. This is the code I

Display subcategories selectbox on each category page

I want to display a select box to switch to SUBCATEGORIES of the current CATEGORY when i’m on a category page. I’ve the following category

How in insert image path in WordPress database that will display product image in wp admin not on front end?

$insert = $wpdb->insert( $prefix."posts", array("post_title" => $posTitle,"post_content" => $postContent,"post_status" => "publish","post_type" =>"product")); // select products ID $select = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT ID AS productsId FROM ".$prefix."posts WHERE

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