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Passing dynamic values to Gravity Form

I’m using Gravity Form Paypal Add-on for my payment system. What I actually need is: 1. Customer should select an event (It will redirect to

Woocommerce Shipping Calculator Dynamic Country/State/Postal Code fields

I have Woocommerce 2.1.12 with a shipping calculator on my cart page. I have it tied into the Fedex API to estimate shipping costs. Which

Dynamic image grid gallery

I want to create a project with the following image grid gallery. I try to do with the using of masonry JQuery My code :

creating new wordpress template to remove dynamic JQuery adding to header

I have created a simple page in wordpress with some jquery, but my jquery are conflicting with some jquery which are dynamically adding into the

Dynamic date variables for custom post type query

I am querying a custom post type called ‘events’ which has a meta field called ‘event_date’ which is stored in date format. It is my

Looking for dynamic post browsing plugin

So I’m working on a WordPress site for an organization that regularly creates posts that include video and audio of lectures. I’m looking for a

WordPress dynamic option fields with Settings API

I am at my first Settings API application and I hit a snag. In a submenu page, I need to generate a number of fields

WordPress Dynamic Tinymce listbox

what i am trying to do is dynamically generate WordPress tinymcs listbox values. but it seems my getValue function is not working well or its

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