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If wordpress option empty, show page list

I hope i’lll explain this correctly. here’s my drop down list $html .= '<select name="pp-dropdown_'.$i.'"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) . '</option> '; ?> <?php

Woocommerce $product->get_available_variations() is empty

I entered my product correctly, and it shows well. But i really don’t know why, but sometimes, all my Variables products are empty. $product->get_available_variations() Give

$GLOBALS[‘hook_suffix’] variable empty

I’m trying to implement the code to add a custom post status from my plugin, exactly as given in this tutorial: Now, it isn’t

Unzipping .tar files in cPanel results in empty php files

I’m currently trying to move my WordPress site to a new server. I moved the database already and zipped the WordPress files into a tar

Counting custom post type with wp_count_posts returns an empty object

For some reason the wp_counts_posts function returns an empty object if I use my custom post type’s name in the function’s parameter. The var_dump is:

mod_rewrite Blocking user agent post requests with empty referral strings

My wordpress website is getting inundated with post requests. It is nearing 200,000 requests a day. I currently am denying all traffic other than my

Empty space at right and bottom on mobile version of website

my website ( has a problem when browsed from a smartphone (at least from android, on a Nokia Lumia with Internet Explorer looks fine). It

Use of declaring empty function in php

while seeing word press core code in depth i came across a file which has many empty functions for eg : /** * @ignore */

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