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Separate shortcode for each field of gravity form

This shortcode will display the gravity form in my wordpress page [gravityform id="1"] This form has 3 fields and on submit button. I want to

WordPress custom field or meta box to add data to footer

I have a custom theme which has a footer.php file, which contains my footer. This footer contains two YouTube videos which I have currently hardcoded

WordPress Woocommerce - Custom upload field in checkout page

I would like to add a input field to upload a file during the checkout. How can I do this? Currently, I’ve added my field

Meta Query filter custom input field types

Haven’t really seen any tutorials that include Meta_query array that shows how to get input field values on submit from users to filter results within

Return ACF field as a Shortcode using WordPress Functions.php file

How do I use an Advanced Custom Field as a Shortcode. Ive used the following code in the WordPress functions.php file but no luck. Here

Advanced custom field filtering by value in wordpress

I’m using wordpress and advanced custom fields to populate some a team section. However I use the same team section in different places and want

Update field value after wp_insert_post

I try create post with values from form. My custom value is Post Object. In form in options i get some code <option value="26">Двигатель</option> <option

Advanced Custom Fields (Loop user profile field)

I have created a field within the wordpress profile (created with a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields) which allows customers to upload their logo. I

Not saving the new field when submit (PHP WordPress)

I have an admin options page which works great. I got a submenu page for banner upload and I need to add one more field.

Do Ive to create a new function for every meta box field?

Im still trying to learn how to build a comprehensive plugin in WordPress, and Im having issues with meta boxes. If its possible I would

wordpress text field data — html markup is stripped

I’m using wordpress wp-editor in the admin dashboard to input some text to a custom table in mySQL (column type is ‘text’). It’s not a

populate custom field on publish or update

i have a custom post type called books with fields genre,author,bookname i want to dynamically create the link booklink based on the data in the

populate custom field on publishor update

i have a custom post type called books with fields genre,author,bookname i want to dynamically create the link booklink based on the data in the

Show Custom Field On Woocommerce View Order Page

I want to show Air Waybill on customer ‘view order’ page of woocommerce I create a custome field named AWB , value xxx How to

Custom Meta Boxes repeatable field show on single.php

I have this code that creates a repeatable list of name and link to the post editor but can not find how to display it

Notice: Undefined index: post_type - Simple Custom post type custom field plugin

I’ve installed this plugin and added a custom post type. It was displayed properly, but then whrn trying to unistall it, it also deleted the

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