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Redux Framework custom field

I’ve used the redux build to download the admin folder to include on a custom plugin. Everything works OK. I’m trying to create a custom

Order posts by ACF field Date Picker

I am trying to order the posts by the Date Picker field of Advanced Custom Fields. What I have done is this: 'post_type' => 'events',

Can’t Echo Custom Field In Widget

I’m trying to display a custom field in a widget I’m customizing but I can’t get the custom field to display. I think it has

Repeatable field within repeatable group of fields

Compounding on Saving metabox repeatable fields … I’ve created a metabox with a series of fields that are repeatable. However, within those fields, I’d like

make CMB text_datetime_timestamp field repeatable

I’m using CMB to creat custom fields for wordpress custom post I’m using text_datetime_timestamp to set date and time and I need to make

ACF Repeater field value doesn’t display

We are using ACF Repeater Field to display related posts as widget in single.php. We have the following code. RELATED <a target=_blank rel="nofollow" href=""> The

Post input field text from product page to cart

I’m trying to get form input from the product page to the cart, but no luck so far. This is what I did: Made a

How can AJAX be used in wordpress admin area to add another div with form input field in it?

I am creating an admin page for a wordpress plugin. I have a form where the user can create a new table in the database.

Advance search with custom field wordpress

I have next code for search using words and category. But, i want add another condition with custom field. how to do? I have custom

Custom field issue on orderby in wordpress

I make a custom field “term_order” in wp_terms and i make a functionality to re-order the custom taxonomy. When i drag and drop the terms

Custom field when adding new site to multisite networked WordPress

I have a multisite setup in WordPress. Is there a way for me to implement a custom field when I create a new site in

WordPress: Getting URL link for archive based on custom field filter

I am trying to provide a link on a wordpress post that will lead the user to an archive view with other posts with the

How to modify archive page query to give priority for posts if custom field value exists

I’m trying to modify taxonomy archive to sort posts by title, but display “discounted” items first (sorted by title too). I’m using custom field item_new_price

ACF Repeater field doesn’t output images

I am using ACF repeater plugin on my wordpress site to generate simple gallery. this si the code in my tempalte file: <?php if( have_rows('gallery')

get all post against custom field value

i’m trying to get all custom posts against custom field value attached to posts. i’m using following code but its not returning all the records

Unknown column ‘lat’ in ‘field list’

I’m tweaking a wp_query quite a lot with the add_filter function. I’m getting this error from wordpress: Unknown column 'lat' in 'field list' The final

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