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Pulling all WordPress posts with Advanced Custom Fields Check Box value of X

I’m trying to create a Calender display on a WordPress website. On each day a list of activities that is available ill be show. At

Advanced Custom Fields (Loop user profile field)

I have created a field within the wordpress profile (created with a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields) which allows customers to upload their logo. I

How to query the custom fields by language?

For each post, there is a custom field name “Function”, the key/value pair is like this: Key : Functions Value : <!--en-->Nourishing Yin and invigorating

How can I improve a slow custom query? (subquery + inner joins with custom fields)

I have a query that is used to return available rooms for a booking system Using ACF, I have a custom post type representing reservation

Auto-update posts in WordPress with Magic Fields

Im trying to update all my posts at once on WordPress, instead of painfully going on each page and Updating it. I made a small

Woocommerce Shipping Calculator Dynamic Country/State/Postal Code fields

I have Woocommerce 2.1.12 with a shipping calculator on my cart page. I have it tied into the Fedex API to estimate shipping costs. Which

Woocomerce - Add Bank Name to the fields list in Our Bank Details [on hold]

I would like to move the bank name, in this case “Standard Bank”, to the details listed on the frontend and email template, instead of

Repeatable field within repeatable group of fields

Compounding on Saving metabox repeatable fields … I’ve created a metabox with a series of fields that are repeatable. However, within those fields, I’d like

display some fields in custom post backend

I am using the following code for the custom post.But i want three fields i.e Location,Persons ,Client to permanently appear in the backend of the

Advanced Custom Fields - Post Object not returning Custom Fields

I am working ona project currently that uses ACF. I have a page that can link to a post object that is also made through

Output custom taxonomies with custom meta fields

I have a custom post type for Antique Shows, and a custom hierarchical taxonomy on that called Dealers. The end goal is to make a

Custom Fields to save Settings

I am creating a plugin.So far i have created a menu and a page containing a form.I want to save these form settings for each

get_post_meta fields don’t show up on posts page

I’m new here, and to coding! I’ve been working hard (so, so hard…so hard) to create my website and with occasional help I’ve created a

WP_Query hit max joins… How else can I build a search function that uses custom fields?

I’m trying to search a custom post type of “Properties”, while doing so I’m also searching the custom fields using multiple (anywhere from 5-30) meta_queries.

Retrieve a taxonomy-specific image from advanced custom fields

I’ve set up a custom field which appears in a taxonomy terms page. I am trying pull an image associated with the custom taxonomy term

Retrieve a specific field from taxonomy term through advanced custom fields [on hold]

I’ve set up a custom field which appears in a taxonomy terms page. I am trying pull an image associated with the custom taxonomy term

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