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Display images in attched gallery of custom post type

i have a custom post type-> events. I have a gallery page in which the featured image from a custom post is used as album

Woocommerce when deleting a product, automatically also delete the product gallery and product image

I was trying the following: when a product page gets deleted (permanently), it should also delete the: product gallery and product image which are attached

Linking Images to Post Page from Categorized Gallery

I used the code from this thread to create a plugin that automatically makes a gallery out of images attached to posts with certain categories.

Let wordpress site owner upload images to gallery page

I’ve created a WordPress theme using Twitter Bootstrap and have the basic bones of my site looking how I want. Now I want to create

WordPress - Make Gallery Posts from existing Photo Posts

I want to start a photo blog on WordPress. My Idea is to post raw pictures as posts. 1 pohoto per post. And then users

Dynamic image grid gallery

I want to create a project with the following image grid gallery. I try to do with the using of masonry JQuery My code :

How to change gallery short code

Gallery short code How to add columns=”5″ pagination=”10″ to gallery short code ? Read more here: How to change gallery short code

How to Modify WordPress Default Image Gallery Shortcode

I would like to be able to show 5 columns and only 10 images per page for the default WordPress image gallery. Visually I would

add html content in magnific popup gallery

i’m trying to add html content into an image gallery, i was able to add span tag but when i add an a attribute magnific

Text overlay over gallery

I’m trying to get a text overlay over a gallery I have on my site (I’m using WordPress). So far I have been able to

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